What you can do?

The best way to give support to Darrel & Darren through this hard time is sharing their story to your friends, family and social media. By signing the petitions below we will be able to ignite conversation in Parliament about the consequences and hardship not only faced by the Windrush generation but their children as well. Each petition needs over 100,000 signatures for this to happen. The fight for the Roberts' justice is long road and we aim to empower those going through the same thing.

Let's get to 100,000+ signatures before the 25th December

    Our Story

    Darren and Darrell, twins grew up in the U.K care system they face deportation to two different Caribbean countries. Britain is their home. The Windrush scandal is part of their story. We are asking for your solidarity to keep them home.

    Darrel and Darren are two twin brothers who were born in the U.K London in 1995. Both parents are Caribbean, mother from Grenada and their father from Dominica. In 1967 Valie Regina (paternal grandmother) came to England during the Windrush, her son (father) arrived when he was seventeen years old.
    When Darrel and Darren were ages eleven their mother sadly passed away, their father had already left the U.K therefore resulting in both brothers along with their sister (maternal connection) to go into the care of their uncle, who too sadly passed away a year later.

    Born in Ealing, Raised in the UK Care System
    Darrel and Darren were placed into Ealing social care where they were placed in a few temporary family homes around the U.K as well as carrying out primary and secondary education. With the inconsistent care and guidance this led them astray and to groups that would not better their lives as such.
    Ealing were aware that both brothers were not naturalised therefore failing their duty of care in ensuring either boys would be able to move forward onto further education, get a job and in the sad circumstances like these face deportation to countries they have never been to nor have family ties there that they are familiar with. It is preposterous to expect a child to know whether they have a National Residency, especially at the age of twelve.

    Additional punishment beyond conviction
    When Darrel was seventeen, he was arrested for joint enterprise GBH, as he did not tell the name of the main counterpart involved. Darrel served a six-and-a-half-year sentence and was due for release may 15th 2020, five days before his release Darrel was issued with a deportation notice to Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island neither he or his family have any connections to.

    A racial discriminatory error made by the British Home Office. Darrel was heartbroken, when he was told that after serving his time here would initially be facing a double punishment for a fault not of his own as this was a duty of the parent and guardian to ensure naturalisation for their children/ children in care.

    Darren is convicted of other charges unrelated to Darrel’s charges, and is serving the rest of his sentence in London. Darren is a father to a five-year-old son, who once he has finished his sentence will apply himself to being an active and consistent father figure. This has been fragmented, with no official deportation notice for Darren he was told that at the end of his sentence he would be facing deportation to Grenada, his mother's place of birth.

    With recognition to what they have done in the past, to move forward they would need proper rehabilitation and counselling to help reintegrate back into society, this brings to question how that would be possible if the Home Office were to deport these brothers who have been institutionalised in Britain to two separate countries they do not speak the native tongue and with no immediate family. This punishment is beyond cruel with the Home Office’s attempt to isolate the brothers further after serving their sentences out in the U.K.

    Thank you to tremendous support and love shared to Darrell & Darren. We share our deepest gratitude. This conversation does not end with us.


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